Lf infinity pistol lvl 58ish (closed)

Hey I’m looking for an infinity pistol at lvl 58 ish as I’m not having any luck in finding one myself been farming doc mercy for a good few hours and nothing

I may have a 50ish I definitely have some 60’s add drinkingcloud

I think I have a 54 and a 57, but they’re both just standard rapid infinities with no element. I’d gladly be willing to part with one as I use my Harold way more.

I have 2 shocks 2 fires and some nonelementals ranging from 56-67 and a ton of lengendaries most are in 60’s, two shams, a blackhole and a legendary gunzerker mod 60ish,

Hey drinking cloud can I get a level 67 ish one if you have one I’ll add you in abit

Fo sho, im gonna try to farm some 72’s tonight.

I have a mate who’s atm in the game farming for the Infinity lvl 55 - 60.
Think it would mean the world if you could lend 1, @thoughtlessproce :acmsmile:
PSN: Mr_Matt @mrmatt1978

Best, Zerkus.