LF Infinity Pistols Rad or Cryo w/ 100% cryo

Anyone have one they would be willing to give up or trade?

I have farmed them for weeks, it is a horrible thing to farm because he has a cluttered drop possiblity.

I only play zane so i have been looking for them as well. So far all i have is the Fire one with SNTL 100% cryo and it kick ass. Wish it was shock. I have yet to find anyone who has them for trade or is willing to trade them.

I can trade you my fire one for any other SNTL weapons i am seeking, I have been farming for these and no luck. Been disappointing to the point i may go play another game for awhile, To farm these for weeks and get nothing is no fun.

I need Hive, Scourge, Lyudas, Infinity Pistols, Lucians, Shredifers, SPloders in SNTL almost everything else i have

Just started using my Zane so don’t have very much atm

What do u to trade for it?

I’m looking for a Lucians call (fire) or a king’s call

Only Kings Call I have is while sliding fire rate is increased by 25% and lucians call w/ fire has on action skill end melee damage increased by 100%

My gamertag is chaoskitty1988

K soon as I finish raid I will send those 2


Thank you just sent the pistol