LF infinty Pistol shock

Looking for Shock version of the infinity pistol, will trade anything. As long as I have it.

If you let us know which platform you’re on, one of the moderators can get you moved to the right trading section.

Ps4 really

Got you moved - good luck!

i have one
21 weapon fire rate.

what do you have for FL4K?

Hello, do you have a cutpurse deathless with mag size or a transformer with increased
dmg ASE?

You still looking for the infinity

Yes please you have psn. Darth_toothius

Yes please if you still have it. Darth_toothius psn

What would you like? I’ll be home in an hour

what do you have for fl4k?

I have a few anointed for fl4k. Off my head cant name them, but do have some do that have "enemies take more damage after Rakk attack.

let me know when you find out

I’ll be ok 30 mins discuss it there if you want