LF:Ion cannon (160splash dam) .Trading many items

  • looking for:
    Ion cannon x 2 (corro):After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash Damage for 18 seconds.

Protuberance(rad): 30% damage when flying

Tell me what are you looking for?
i have (There are still many items not listed)

Any interest in a sntnl cryo q system, Maggie?

sorry I’m not interested…

I have the cryo Craps ASE 100%.

I have the x2 100% ase crader’s, i’ll take the rad sntnl craps. psn: TheNimbusKid

I have all elements craps and the ion cannon

hello what are you looking for?

are they(SNTL + 50%Cryo)or ase 100%?

May I take a look at the picture

I also have the emp5 x 2 ASE 100% now. We’re already PSN friends, so I will send you a message there. Thanks.



I have x2 shock sntnl ion cannon.Please trade your bangstick.

your psn?

The craps are sntnl and the ion cannon are ase 100



Got the ion cannon you’re looking for. Interested in that cryo redistributor and ion cannon 100% dmg ASE

Sorry, I already have this. You have corrosion property.