LF Ion Cannon Anointed x2

Hey guys!

Lokking ofr Ion Cannon x2 with 100% ASE or 125% Splash dmg!

Let me know what uou need and I will do my best! I have a lot of god stuff.

PSN : jotheking

Really need a Shock, Corrosive , Fire one

I have a moze fire one with 120% splash damage and one with 50% rad damage. Both x2 fire.

X2 rad Ase ?

Yep, 50% rad damage in the next 2 mags on ASE.

Ok I need it

I have one with 125 splash psid lon_wolf917

I have a x2 cannon (fire) with 125% splash ASE, and a shock x2 with 125% dmg to bosses/named/etc as well.

Please see my trade thread for my wants list:

Hey ! I have kyb’s worth x3 100% rakk attack