LF: Ion Cannon Fire, Acid, Shock, Radiation, Ice with

Looking for those four with at least 20k or above with x2 damage. Nothing below 20k x2 in damage I want.

Want all 5 elements too and none of them have to be annointeds but if so I’ll be happy to take that too.

I have many class mods minus the Takedown specific class mods. If you need any specific ones then let me know. I have some Artifacts too

Bump. Really could use some luck over here

Got nearly all of the Cannons you want buddy. Also with good annointments.

Do you own a Bounty Hunter with Weapon Damage, Splash Damage and Heavy Dmg?

Or an artifact with Heavy Dmg, AOE Dmg and ASCR? Preferably an Otto Idol.

Greetings K.

There is an artifact I have that has Grenade Damage, AOE Damage, and Action Skill Cooldown Rate (Rocket Boots). Not sure if you interested in the Grenade part but all I have from searching my mule.

I only have 2 Bounty Hunter but only one roll Hyperion and Vladof damage and Maliwan fire rate. You want one of my Artifact? Seems like it the closest I have

No element, but would this interest you?

No thanks as I kinda have 2 non-elements that I gotta test out which do more. One around 19Kx2 with 100% damage ASE. I have another around 21Kx2.

I’m gonna sack it with the elements and stick with mediocre x2 damage (as long it not below 17Kx2). Looking for Radiation at the moment.

So far I got meh fire, acid, and shock I guess I’ll keep. Will need radiation but in the meantime I’ll keep farming for one

Sorry Buddy, but I only need those 3 stats on both items. Hit me up if you find em.

Greetings K.