Lf ion cannon have items

Looking for ion cannon. Preferably anointed

Have spiritual drivers, 100% damage anoint projectile recursion, 100% damage ase redistributors, kybs worth, lump rocket launcher, tiggs boom, 50% ase damage transformers, 50% ase shock its piss, some new DLC weapons, have amara golden rule mod

I have an elemental projector deathless do u have a bekah by chance? If not what’s the kybs got?

Not running a shield build so not interested in a deathless

I have spare projectors. Looking for any specific secondaries on it?

I have a Elemental Projector Otto’s Idol with 16% fire dmg, 21% cooldown, 40% mag if you want it

Mag size shotgun damage health SMG damage that kinda stuff

What you want for it?

I believe I have one with Shotgun, Mag, and acuracy.

I can post what I have to spare in a moment. I only cycle through a couple of them for me

Looking for 100% rakk cutsmans in shock.
Anointed Recurring hex with 50% elemental
100% projectile recursion.

Here are the projectors up for trade:
Elemental Projector Splatter Gun with Grenade Damage, Cryo Damage, and Accuracy
Elemental Project Commander Planetoid with AS Cooldown, Cryo Damage, Cryo Resistance
Elemental Projector Victory Rush with Shotgun Damage, AOE Damage, and Accuracy
Elemental Projector White Elephant with Reload, Ignite Change, Rad Resistance

Shotgun Damage, Accuracy, AOE (same stats as victory rush version)
Pistol Damage, Cryo Damage, Mag Size
Sniper Damage, Corrosive Resist, Incendiary Resist

What were you looking for

What are the details on your Kyb’s and your lump?

I’ll have to check. I have 3 variants on the kybs and 1 on the lump. I know the lump is x2 fire, no anoint

Off the top of my head the kybs is cryo/incendiary radiation/corrosive and I dont recall the 3rd one

I could use the Corrosive/Rad or Corrosive/Shock (depending on what the other is). Any annoints on those?

I know the 2 I listed are not idk bout the 3rd.

Do you have weapon damage and +3 Mindfullness on Spiritual Driver? What elements is the Recursion?

Recursion is corrosive and shock. Driver idk gotta check

Last is rad / incediary not anointed.

I do not have the driver you’re looking for but as stated recursion is shock and corrosive