LF Items below. Trading what's in the google doc

Can trade what is in the google doc. Ask for specifics on COMS and artifacts. Not really any god rolls sorry.

Looking for the following
-Last stand otto idol (gre dam, mag size, AOE)
-Raging Bear (Splash dam)
-Mendels Multivitiman Shield anoit action skill cool down inscreased
-Frozen Heart Sheild anout while phase grasp perform nova
-Phasezerker COM (action skill cooldown)
-Ice Breaker Victory Rush (smg dam, cryo eff, Cryo Dam)
-Well rolled Bounty Hunter COM with points in most dangerous game
-Last stand otto idol with decent stats
-Seeing dead COM with smg damaged pref
-Spiritual Driver COM pref +3 mindfulness
-Cloning maddening tracker
-Kybs worth160% out iron bear
-Elemental projector victory rush or otto idol
-Maggie 100% rak attack
-Other good rak attack weapons

Also looking for more Zane and Amara as I’m just leveling them up now

Tried getting access to your doc, it looks I need access to view it, might want to fix that :slight_smile:

Haha sorry. Only just made it. Try now?

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I have a few things you want, possibly more. Good rolled Bounty Hunter COMs, Spiritual Driver, Seein Dead, Elemental projector victory rush, last stand otto idols, Ice Breaker VR with cryo dmg and efficiency, Rakk attack weapons, etc. See my full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K75WjYeG2D7WnV39AVTC29ExY5cpoWnP63-iHC3Mvrw/edit?usp=sharing

I’m interested in your:
-Redistributor, radiation (+100% SNTL cryo anoint)
-Tsunami (gamma burst anoint)
-Flakker (160% splash after iron bear anoint)
-Lyuda, radiation (100% dmg on ASE)
-Versio 0.M shield (50% bonus elem on ASE)
-Flesh Melter Victory Rush (depending on what the three secondary stats are)

Let me know, thanks. PSN is: Fleyn_89

Do you have:
cutsman 125% coro
Crossroad coro 100% ase
Ion Cannon 100% ase
Lyuda radiation 100% ase
Reinforced re-charged annointed
Supergiant version 0.M

Here is my updated list

Sending yours over in a sec

Will let you know shortly :slight_smile:

Sent the 4 you wanted and sent a list of the 4 I want :slight_smile:

All done, let me know if you need others too :slight_smile: