LF Items, have a bank full of stuff to trade

LF Ghast nade, ion cannon, kybs, and redistributer with ase splash or fire 160/125% annoint

LMK what you’re looking for

GT: Raverzfantac

Lf gammaburst weapons. I have roid, clone, vindicator ghast call.

Any specific weapons you’re looking for?

Do you by chance have a Lvl 50 Non Anointed Burning Summit grenade mod?

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Dahl, Hyperion , lumps, scourges, cutsman, as long as it’s gammaburst. It could be a barrage if it has gamma I want it.

me tooooo, under level 50 though anyone, less damage preferable

U online right now.?

I was not, had to be up early for work. What ya got?

Ion cannon level 52. No annoimt tho. Lucky 7 and craps. Heartbreaker with iron bear annoint. Scourge , nukes, cutsman