LF items Offer my list

Im looking for :

cryo lucian call with sntl 50% cryo damage and 70% precision
fire dictator with 50% incendiary damage or 100% ASE
cryo butcher with sntl 50% cryo damage.
elemental projector victory rush with weapon damage and cdr
Redundant Brainstorm with 50% dmg cryo.

Offer list :

mirv widowmaker cryo - more damage and fire rate with terror
unforgiven 384% - more critical damage with terror
corrosive kaos - extra proyectil with terror
radiation pestilence - gamma burst 65%
cash infused brainstorm - 50% corrosive damage after skill end
radiation dammed - more damage and fire rate in terror
fire cutsman - 50% corrosive damage after skill end
phasezerker mod with 25% weapon damage and 31% smg damage
transformer - skill cooldown
shock king call - 100% damage after skill end
fire rowan call - sntl 50% cryo damage
night hawkin - sntl 50% cryo damage
corrosive moar linage - gamma burst 65%
fire nemesis - gamma burst 65%
devils foursum - gamma burst 65%
corrosive cutsman - after skill end 125% more damage to badass,named,bosses…
cash infused brainstomer x7 - 2 mags 50% incendiary damage after skill end
radiation dp laser exploder - skill end 25% more critical damage
fire shredifier - after skill end 100% melee damage
brawler ward 300% melee damage - after skill end 100% melee damage
fire kaos - 100% damage after al rakkttack
raisens thorns - skill end 100% weapon dmg
shock faisor - skill end 100% weapon dmg
night hawkin - gamma burst 65%
hellwalker - 200% melee damage after phaseslam
night hawkin - 2 mags 50% incendiary damage after skill end
destructo spinner shock & radioactive - 250% damage after phasecast
destructo spinner shock & fire - skill end 100% weapon dmg
fire ripper - 200% melee damage after phaseslam
fire bearcat - skill end 125% splash damage
face puncher - phaseslam 300% weapon dmg
dastardly maggie - 2 mags 50% shock after skill end
trick unforgiven 432% crit
trick unforgiven 384% crit - 2 mags 50% cryo damage after skill end
unforgiven 340% crit - skill end 100% weapon dmg
corrosive crossroad - skill end 100% melee dmg
fire crossroad - 2 mags 50% corrosive after skill end
apt tsunami
fire lucian call - phaseslam 200% melee dmg
frost lucian call - 2 mags 50% radioactive skill end
abundant projective recursion - 2 mags 50% radioactive damage after skill end
flakker - phaseslam 300% weapon dmg
resolute lyuda - 2 mags 50% radioactive damage after skill end
fire scourge - sntl 50% cryo dmg
transformer - skill end 5% health per second
transformer - skill end 200% melee dmg
stop gap - skill end 13% less dmg
3x unleash the dragon - 16% fire dmg 25% melee dmg, 29% fire resist 25% melee dmg, 16% fire dmg 29% fire resist
2x mirv tacular hex frost
4x recurring hex radioactive
shock bitch - 125% weapons dmg bossses ,badass and named after skill end
corrosive butcher - 100% damage after skill end
frost conference call - phaseslam 200% melee dmg
redundant butcher
redundant brainstormer
artic vanquisher - extra al rakktaque
2xfriend bot mod one with 31% smg damage and the other with 25% damage
fire scourge - sntl 50% radioactive damage


I know it’s not on the list but, I’ve got a redundant brainstormer with 250% damage after phasecast if you’re interested.

thanks but really dont need with that annointed.

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I have a Cash Infused Brainstormer with 100% dmg if you’re interested.
I’d trade you for your Maggie.

hm mm let me thinking about,but really only looking for redundat anointed.

I hear ya. The only downside to the Redundant ones are they chew through ammo in slaughtershaft.


I’d love to hear about your elemental projectors?
Mind showing me them?
I dont have exactly what you are looking for but might have something you would want anyway.

Hmm… i second that. I’m looking for an Elemental Projector with +20 or more mag size. Bonuses for shock/shotgun/hyperion dmg.

I have the Redundant Brainstormer anointed with 100% dmg

I also have a bunch of Incendiary Crossroads: https://imgur.com/a/kYEXjH6

**Elemental Projector loaded Dice :

Maximun health -75%
more lucky

Fire damage 16%
Crio damage 16%
shock resist 29%

**Elemental Projector Otto Idol :

18% health after kill a enemy

weapon precision 26%
regenerate 149 health
shock probability 27%

**Elemental Projector Rocket Boots

Rockets fire damage

lucky 12.67
skill action 21%
melting probability 27%

those are my elemental projectors if you want any of them or other weapon for brainstormer 100% dmg tell me.
My account rymed86.


I said i was interested in your otto but on second thought it is not that great for me. Thanks anyway.

@thenewfess any chance to trade brainstomer then ?

I’m sorry but none of those artifacts are what I need.

ok mate,np


Edit First offer unfair on my part.
Do you have a pic of the Incendiary Lucians with 50% Incendiary mags? Want to see ilvl and scope.
If they’re ilvl 621 and have at least a 3.3x scope, I’ll trade you the Redundant Brainstormer 100% skill end for it.