LF items to trade for or farm

I’m mainly looking cyro hex. Willing to trade for or help farm for it. Not having luck with this particular grenade.

will this work?

Honestly any will do at this point. I get them to drop at -5000% of the time ugh, or just bad luck on my part. Do you want a trade for it? Or…

I have the recurring hex With ice

I have a recurring cryo hex with ase 50% bonus radiation damage with weapons for 10 seconds

Thanks that would be awesome! Do you want to trade for it? or are you gifting it to me?

I have several, shoot me a friend request

Thanks! Will do when I get online. 5-6pm CST

Sorry I’m late w response but no, you can have it. It’s not a perfect one but figured you could use it until

I wouldn’t suppose you’d have another like that or one with ase bonus cryo you’d want to put with?

Let me see what I’ve got in my vault. Dont think I have an ase cryo one, been looking for that but i do have several other of the recurring cryos with ase and on thrown grenade

I would appreciate any one that you would allow me to have, thank you

Shoot me a friend request. I’m in sanctuary sorting my gear

Nice to meet a hellspawn

My psn = Spyte86, same as my user name