Lf It's piss grenade

Hey there! Have a lot of anointed siren, moze stuff to trade

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I’ve got what you need. What kind of siren stuff do you have? :new_moon_with_face:

250% Phasegrasp:

  • Crossroads (shock, cor, rad)
  • Brainstormer
  • Rowans Call (rad)
  • Cutsman (cor)
  • Butcher (fire)
  • Conference call
  • Hellwaker
  • Faisor (shock)
  • Krakatoa

ASE 125% boss

  • Cutsman (shock)

  • Crossroad (fire)

  • Phasezerker (smg, grenade, grenade +5)

  • Nimbus (firerate, sniper dmg)

Lots of anointed shields… just ask =)

Alright I need that butcher :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: my psn name is all weird and screwy. Drop yours and I’ll send you a fr

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My PSN is Sinsinatti

Also, lemme know if you ever need anything else on the future too mate. I’ll invite you

Was joining you lol

Sounds good! I have an open thread with my stuff and what I’m looking for. I’ll post the link here when its updated

Check your mail ^^

Oh alright lol. Thanks! Just sent you the grenade