LF It's Piss / Transformer / Bloodletter COM

LF Anointed It’s Piss (+25% dmg) / Anointed Transformer / Bloodletter COM 2+ Desperate Measure/ 2+ Thin Red Line (+30% gren dmg, +mag size, +gun dmg)

Let me know what you’re looking for in exchange, I have a decent selection of anointed guns, Moze COMs, and legendary artifacts

Have both, looking for sntnl stuff

Hey man. What annointments are you looking for on the transformer

I’m easy, bonus damage or increased health/shields are both nice. Currently I’m using a fear nova transformer that isn’t doing anything for me.

I have all ase bonus transformers. I also have a few different it’s piss grenades, which one were you after?

+25% dmg after throw ideally

Would you happen to have any sntl active annointed cutsmans / kybs worths or gamma burst active cutsmans / kybs worth’s. I’m also looking for terror ammo regen big boom blasters or stopgaps.

I’ll check and update once I am home!

Sounds good, it’s gonna be a bit before I can get on anyways. My gt is Ye olde wolf