LF It's Piss w/ grenade throw anoint, Scourges

Looking for an It’s Piss with +damage on grenade thrown, also need a scourge with an acid element and/or any with 50% cryo w/ sntl out or 130% damage clone swap
The items I have up here are just some I think are notable but I’ve hoarded about 60 class mods and 50 artifacts so if you’re looking for something please ask
Cryo stone deathless × 2

Cut purse moxxi endowment

Cut purse safeguard

Knife drain white elephant

Grave w/ max health and action skill cool down

Ice breaker Otto idol

Ice breaker commander planetoid

Double Scoville +60%acc +30%crit w/barrier up

Maggie +30% dmg airborne

Night hawkin +100% dmg ase

Night hawkin +100% dmg on rakk attack targets

Fire butcher 50% fire dmg ASE

Nova burner 50% cryo ASE

Back Ham +1 Rakk attack

Epicenter, bouncing pair, nagata, 2x Tina hoppers all with elemental damage ASE

Rakk commander w/ +25% weapon damage

Seein dead w/ +18% crit

Phasezerker +28% splash dmg +25% weapon dmg

Executor w/ +25% weapon dmg 31% AS cool down, +27% grenade radius

I have this Scourge. If you find that Piss grenade with the throw damage I’d be interested in it as well.

Do you happen to have either a red suit with Zane sntnl annoint or a radiation hex grenade with on throw 25 annoint? I have to check annoint and elements but I def have some scourges

I do not, I’m pretty sure I have cloning rad hex but no anoint. I’m definitely sitting on a sntl move speed shield but I’m worried it may be a red card

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I have the it’s piss grenade with on throw. I’m looking for shock cutsman with gamma burst, shock cutsman with 125 to bosses, shock and fire cutsmans with on IB EXIT 160 splash. If you have none of these I am interested in the x2 scoville with barrier annoint. Gt is Ye olde wolf

I actually got the grenade, that said I don’t have any of those cutsman available so it’s just as well

No worries, if it’s red suit just let me know. I already have rad hex so def need the annoint.

I have this if your still looking as well

I could definitely let my Scoville go for that if you’re interested