LF It's Piss w/ grenade throw anoint, Scourges

Looking for an It’s Piss with +damage on grenade thrown, also need a scourge with an acid element and/or any with 50% cryo w/ sntl out or 130% damage clone swap
The items I have up here are just some I think are notable but I’ve hoarded about 60 class mods and 50 artifacts so if you’re looking for something please ask
Cryo stone deathless × 2

Cut purse moxxi endowment

Cut purse safeguard

Knife drain white elephant

Grave w/ max health and action skill cool down

Ice breaker Otto idol

Ice breaker commander planetoid

Double Scoville +60%acc +30%crit w/barrier up

Maggie +30% dmg airborne

Night hawkin +100% dmg ase

Night hawkin +100% dmg on rakk attack targets

Fire butcher 50% fire dmg ASE

Nova burner 50% cryo ASE

Back Ham +1 Rakk attack

Epicenter, bouncing pair, nagata, 2x Tina hoppers all with elemental damage ASE

Rakk commander w/ +25% weapon damage

Seein dead w/ +18% crit

Phasezerker +28% splash dmg +25% weapon dmg

Executor w/ +25% weapon dmg 31% AS cool down, +27% grenade radius