LF: It's Piss with On Grenade Throw Annoint

Let me know what your looking for!

Have you got recurring hex mirv in radiation with same annointment to trade? Or any infinity element apart from fire with sntnl?

I think I have an infinity. I’ll have to look at the element and let you know.

I have the infinity with sntnl but no element.

I got a Mitosis radiation Hex with that anointment. Double divider instead of mirv/divider like Recurring.

Yeah I’ll trade for that. My GT is Stray2615, I’ll send it tonight after work.

Sorry already got that one, specifically after recurring mirv.

Found a mirv tacular radiation hex on grenade thrown last night. Do you have corrosive queens call, conference call, lyuda consec hits or 100 ase. Anything like that?

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I’ll have a look after work, I def have ASE gear just not sure what, I’ll post list up when I’m home

I got non elemental Lyudia with ASE100 if that works?

I sent it’s piss but accidentally hit reject on mailbox for infinity >< if it gets sent back could you resend? If not it’s OK, was my bad.

I got the grenade, but I didn’t get the infinity back. I’ll keep my eyes open for another, or is there something else your looking for?

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Oh it’s all good I messed up pressing wrong button not your fault, enjoy the grenade :slight_smile: