LF Jakob Weapons with URAD Anoint

Have few good M10 weapons

100 ASE x4 Monarch No element
Consecutive Hits Convergence
SNTL Cryro Convergence
100 ASE Melee Damage Face Puncher x14
URAD Face Puncher x14
URAD x8 Monarch No element
300/90 Cutsman Fire & Corosive
300/90 hyper focus Shock
125% ASE Blood starved beast x2
300/90 Beacon Cryo & Fire
URAD Promt Critical No element
URAD Lightshow Shock
300/90 Lyuda Fire
SNTL Cryo Lyuda No element
300/90 Krakatoa
300 Phaseslam Unseen Threat
Couple New shields and class mods (Moze & Amara)

I have a hellwalker urad if you want.

I’ve got a Maggie and a bloom. Would be interested in your Facepuncher x14 ase 100. Do you have any mind sweeper with 1 redistribution and splash dmg or grenade dmg ?

I have a urad wagon wheel if you are interested