LF Jakobs Company Man pls help!

LF a Jakobs company man with DMG/crit DMG/ mag size for the Jakobs stats and at least mag size for sub stats. Have lots to trade just let me know what you are looking for.


I’ve got one with 40% mag size/ 50% damage and crit? No mag size amongst the bottom rolls though.

It’s ok I need one with mag in bottom stats too. It’s for my lucky 7.



3 days i’m farming hemovorous, nearly 100 kills, impossible to get one!!!

Yeah I have been farming this guy for months now with no luck. Probably killed him 800-1000 times no exaggeration. He just doesn’t like to drop it with the stats I need.

You need all top stats 50? I have an okay one at 50 dam, 30 crit and 40 mag, plus 73 mag in passives.

Nah I don’t need them all 50. What you looking for that? My PSN is R4y2a1n.