LF JUJU or Zheitsev's

Anyone have any to trade?

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I have one do you have a rakk pack class mod for flak by chance?

Ok sweet I’m at work right now I’ll send it to you in the morning if that’s cool but the Jacob’s one will do great. I think my juju is annotied to

Add me if you like psn: FallenDark200

I added you and sweet you got one of those grenades to? Heck you need anything else? If so I can be sure to look in the morning for ya

i sent you pics of the two grenades.

We can figure out if there is anything else you have that i might want tomorrow.

I need to get to bed

Alright man sure do appreciate. If I’m not mistaken I think my juju is fire with on action skill end adds 100% weapon damage not 100% but I’ll send that your way in the morning

sounds good

i’ll send what i got then off to bed

Sweet man talk to ya in the morning appreciate it!


zheitsev’s eruption

thought you’d like to know that juju and ,zheitsev’s are entirely different weapons

Well hell I didnt even know I think I might have both

I would also love to trade you for both

Sent them both your ways

What do want to for them?
my psn is Ice-T411

I knew they were different mistyped of instead of or

I’m still looking for more if anyone has some to trade.

let me know if I can trade you anything for them, I don’t have either