LF: Juliet's Dazzle, rad Devil's Foursum, Band of Sitorak

… With +125% incendiary damage next two mags for the weapons, and 30% cool down after exiting Iron Bear for the shield. Level 50 stuff is fine.

Have lots to trade, sadly most of it is level 50 still.

do u have a lyudia sniper for trade

Sure, I have several! I never use them, you can have all of them if you like… What do you have?

Hey these are the Lyudas I have. You can have all of them.


Im just lookin for any good STNL cryo gear at level 53 honestly :man_shrugging:

What do you have?

I will take a look in 9 hours once I have finished work. Anything in particular you are looking for?

Too many to name, you can just let me know what you have with that anointment, and we’ll work something out

EPIC: WxndaBread

Oof, looks like I don’t have any SNTL cryo great at 53… All 50. Haven’t played Zane super recently, I guess…