LF just 1 thing

Looking for a Seein’ Dead class mod with:
-Weapon damage
-Weapon crit damage
-SMG damage.

Preferably should have atleast 2 into Playing Dirty and 2 into Donnybrook
I can offer a few things for this mod, but we can discuss the the trade and what you’re looking for in private messages.

I doubt thats findable; in all my hours i havnt seen any crit damage rolls for cov, maliwan, torgue, vladof, and tediore. Only jakobs, dahl, and hyperion

  • atlas too…oops

Seconded - seen straight up tediore damage before - which will still boost crit damage as will weapon damage.

Well that’s disappointing, guess I’ll make an edit

That is a base damage modifyer, additive to the gun damage, if chose what type the smg/ pistol/ ar/ sniper/ heavy are all multiplicative boosts; and the plain 18% weapon crit applies to all

Thanks for the help and info guys, just made an edit

Yes indeed, just meant that any base damage boost will buff crit by proxy as it’s a function of the gun damage? Least it was in BL2 so I’m rather assuming

You are correct as far as i know, i just know the 10% manufacturer specific passives arent nearly as worthwhile as they seem

Hm, I have one with weapon damage, SMG damage, and Hyperion weapon critical damage. Has 1 into Donnybrook and 3 into Playing Dirty.

As far as I’ve noticed playing dirty gets buggy from 105%, I’d rather have that +3 in Donnybrook.

Also the build I’m trying to make won’t have any Hyperion weapons in it, sorry bud.