Lf just two guns

Looking for anointed one pump chump, Maggie. Gamma burst. I’m assuming that exists. Wanna trade? Tell me what you’re lf.

I don’t have either, but I’ll try to get a One Pump for ya.

I have a Maggie with gamma burst that I can trade you for. I don’t have a one pump chump though.

I just went to try and get that One Pump again for you today and he dropped it first try lol!

Anyways, there are a few things I’m looking for so if you got any of them lemme know.

-Snowdrift Victory Rush/Otto Idol with bonus mag size or SMG damage
-Deadeye Com with +2 Fast and the Furryous, +3 Two Fang, and bonus Sniper Damage
-Wedding Invitation with 100% Cryo while SNTNL active

If you don’t got any of those then tell me some of the stuff you got.

I apologize, I actually typed that wrong lol. One pump chump with gamma and rakk maggie. 100% damage. I dunno what I was thinking. I actually don’t have any of those. I’m farming today, I’ll get back to you. Let me know if there were any other things you were looking for

No worries if you don’t got what I’m looking for, even if you don’t have anything I’m interested in I’m still gonna give you the One Pump Chump with Gamma. I just wanna see if there’s anything you’d be willing to trade for it that I’d like.

I’d be open for stuff with the “While SNTNL is active +100% Cryo” anointment, especially a Cutsman or a Maggie.
Or weapons that have splash damage and ASE + 125% Splash Damage.
I’d also be interested in a purple x18 Bangstick or x25 Stagecoach.
Purple shields with either 3 Vagabond parts for + 25% movement speed (I think that’s how much it is) when shields are full and the + 15% movement speed while SNTNL is active anointment or 3 Power Charger parts with the same anoint.

I’d be open for a lot of stuff so just list some stuff you got and I’ll pick something.

Mmkay. I wrote down what you’re looking for. If i pick anything up, I’ll send it over. What’s your gt? Im not certain but I know I have a decent cryo bangstick, I’m getting back on in a little

My GT is xXPakkunXx. Lemme know your’s and I’ll send over the One Pump.

daturdburglar86. Thanks