LF Kaos assault rifles and more

I’m still looking for

  • Kaos assault rifles (fire / cryo / radiation)
  • Unforgiven (400+ critical dmg w/ sights)
  • Warlord assault rifles (fire / cryo / radiation)

I have a few things to trade up

  • sticky Quasar grenade (longbow)
  • Rowen’s Call (shock)
  • Engulfing Shredifier (radiation)
  • Last Stand Splatter Gun artifact (shock dmg / shock resist / mag size)

Hey buddy, what are the stats on that Radiohead Otto Idol? I’ve got a Burning Flakker.

I have a fire Kaos rifle and I’m interested in your cryo Lucian’s call.

Radiodead Otto Idol (Imbue slide w/ radiation / restores 18% health on kill / 8% movement speed / 7% exp gained in combat / 40% mag size)

I’ll do it buddy… I send through mail and you send yours?

My gt is RavenMocker

Can I get yours?..

That sounds similar to mine, I’ll check when I get home and let you know in case you still have it

Sure. I’ll hold onto it until then.


Got new stuff. Will post it soon.

New stuff is up


Cryo Kaos here if you still got that cryo lucians

I have an Annointed Radiatory Flakker (Increased Proj Speed). I’d like the Cryo Stone Victory Rush.

Yep. I’ll send it to you. What’s your gt.

K. I’ll do it. Need your gt.

Gamertag is tRiicksters

Alright. I sent it off to you.

Okay so my bad. The Flakker isn’t annointed. I think my friend has my other Radiation Flakker that’s annointed. My bad. Still it’s an Itchy Radiation one.

It’ll work. I wasn’t too sure about that annointment anyways lol.

Okay let me get your gt so I can send it. I saw you’re friend request but it isnt popping up for me.