LF Kaoson, Light Show etc (Giveaway!)


Been framing like crazy and found most of the weapons below but can’t for the life of me get the right anointment on them and starting to get hella tired of farming the same dudes over and over. Have a bunch of other things to trade or give away. If you’re looking for something let me know and I’ll check if I have it.

All 300% on 90%.

Light Show
Blood-Starved Beast

Super Soldier Shield with 20% Cooldown.
Cloning Maddening Tracker.

I’ll help you out with what I can. Add me.

You cant get the kaoson with the splash anointment unfortunately bud.

Cool! I’ll add you next time I’m playing!

Aha thanks for letting me know. Thought I saw that it came with the splash anointment but realize now that it deals splash damage.

Unfortunately there are a fair few splash damage weapons that can’t get that annointment.

Closed at OPs request