Lf kaoson m10 asa or sntl

Tired of the grind after 3 weeks
Looking for a m10 cryogenic or radiation kaoson sntl cryogenic 100 or asa 200
I have

add me nat_zero_six. i will help you out.

Hey, is that old god shield still available ? I’m in the same position as you been farming for weeks for a radiation one, I have a kinetic (normal bullets) kaoson with the 100% sentinel anoint if you were interested in trading, or if you were looking for anything else ?

Yea old god still sitting there waiting to be claimed

Normal is better than nothing I guess lol

Fuzzy_wyvrenspur on psn add me any time

Cool I appreciate that, the gun is a beast you wont be disappointed and its full auto too, send a FR now in 5 mins :+1: my psn is timmo2times so you know who it is

FR sent and I sent you a message on PS also if you’re interested

Sweet I will get on now

Have put the old god away for when your on next