LF: Kaoson, Redistributor, Sandhawk, Backburner and One Shotter Shield

Hello everyone

I am looking for any M10 SNTNL 100, ASE 100 or 150 rad:

x2 Kaoson
One Shotter Shield

I can offer M10

OPQ (150 Rad; 300 90; ASA 200)
Yellowcake (150 Radx2; 300 90x2)
Lob (150 Rad with shock, corrosive, rad, cryo; ASE next 2 mag with corrosive; SNTNL 100 with rad)
Reflux (SNTNL 100 x7; ASA 200 x7)
No Pew Pew (x3 300 90, x4 ASA 200)
Maggie (ASE next 2 mag cryo; 300 90; 150 rad)
Hellshock (SNTNL 100; 150 rad)

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I have the kaosan 50/150 in return for the opq 300/90

Add my psn and I’ll send that to ya

Lol, I was about to add you for the 50/150 opq, as mine is currently at 8900

I can send you both :slight_smile:


Sent. Thanks mate

Have a rad redistributer what’s the zoom on the opq 50/150?

1.5; 2.9; or 5

What is the anointment on redistributor?