LF Kaoson/Void Rift/Garcia

Hey , lf Kaoson x2 full auto all element Urad / N2M , Void Rift Action skill start , and Garcia Urad x16 i have a lot to trad so let me know

Got a x16 urad garcia on me, do you have the same but for N2M?

Nop sorry got any Garcia

I can still give the Urad garcia, whats your PSN?

My Psn : Snaky_hilarious thanks a lot

I have URad Kaoson in shock and corrosive elements that I can send. Anyone have a URad King/Queen call or Urad Clairvoyance, Skullmasher, or Headsplosion? My tag is joedram0

Sorry don’t have it :confused:

I have Urad Clairvoyance if you want. Add me

Hey I have a ASS void rift I’m looking for an URAD kit(shield and any decent weapon)

Good tell me what kind of kit you seek :slight_smile:

Any weapon with urad anoint(150% rad dmg when <50% Healt) and a front loader with ASE 50% elemental dmg
Psn is JustPolaretty

I add you and see what i can offer you : my Psn : Snaky_hilarious

Anyone here still willing to trade a urad garcia? Still haven’t gotten one after hundreds of dead Chonk Stomps.

Here’s what I have:

I also just got a headsplosion and clairvoyance urad too if anyone wants those. Let me know.

Gamertag: joedram0

I will send you the garcia urad. For your urad headsplosion😉

Thanks! Your a lifesaver/timesaver.