LF Kaoson x2 all elements SNTNL Full Auto

Been farming 2 days for these and have 26 Kaosons but just cant get them with cryo damage when SNTNL is active with Full Auto.
I have alot of different ones for swap.
Let me know and I’ll have a look.

I have one.


Unseen threat 300/90 or 200 ASA
Stop Gap with As skill start break/fill
Consecutive hits Monarch
Basically anything else that would be good for Fl4k.

Not really looking for any other Kaoson unfortunately…

Sorry I do t have any but I will let you know if I come across any of those today while farming

Have a stopgap ASSbreak/fill if you are still looking

Cap 20562
RD 4.3
RR 2036

Yeah that’d do nicely. PSN: JuniorSenior95

Have any sandhawks, 50/150 gear or sntl gear?

No Sandhawks, but a few STNL gears including recursions, monarch, anarchy…

What do you have for monarchs