Lf: Kaosons any element (NO x2) with 300/90 or 1% CH

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Got a lot of stuff to trade, from various builds so let me know about what you need I probably have it.

Have a M10 shock X1 300/90. Would be looking for a M10 sand hawk shock sntl 100, or any X8 monarch with sntl 100. Maybe other stuff as well. LMK.

Got a Shock SandHawk SNTL for you ! :slight_smile: would gladly take that Kaoson. Add me EzioILMentore

Sent thanks for trade

Same, thanks for the trade hf !

Hey again Ezio Auditore Il Mentore,

I have this consec hits 1% Kaoson x1 fire 4942 and this 300>90 Kaoson x1 cryo 4975 which lie around in my safe
If u’re interested ,i would like ur eternal gratitude in return
I’m waiting ur answer !

With all my best regards,

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I’ll gladly take them bro, thanks a lot ! :smiley:

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Your package has been delivered my good Sir !

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I am also looking for a 300/90 Kaoson *2 and have stuff to trade.

Got some from Edenski right there. Not gonna lie, I reached a point where I got most stuff I was looking for. Thing I could think of rn is 100% ASE OPQ System with low zoom and Consec Hits. But even if you don’t have that, add me and I’ll give you Kaosons. PSN: EzioILMentore

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