LF Kawaii Killer Head

Been trying to solo spawn vermi off and on for a couple months, not a single spawn as one expects solo, so wondering if there’s anyone willing to drop one for me. I don’t have all too much to trade unless you want random level legendaries…or the Frozen Wrath skin however, still yet to hit 72.
Edit-I forgot, the skin (can’t recall the name) that Vermi drops for Maya would be nice as well if one’s willing to spare me one.


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Spawning Vermi solo is an exercise in futility unfortunately… you could try a reddit post or something like for LFG, but as you posted that’s likely the best bet to get his gear, see if anyone can trade you a spare… The solo spawn rates are barely enough to justify Quasar farming from UBA’s, let alone actually trying to get a Vermi…I think it’s the Nebula rose skin maybe that drops from him… can’t help you out with either unfortunately as I don’t think I keep spare skins/heads…

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Unbelievably I got him to solo spawn in TVHM on the first attempt during a stream earlier today and on top of that, after searching so long, he actually dropped the Kawaii Killer head on that kill as well.


if you want to coop, you can see some of us in this community