LF> Kawaii Killer Siren Head (The one that Vermi drops)

People of the forums, I am in desperate need of your help.

For the past 3 weeks, my friend and I have been farming Vermi in hope that it will drop the Siren head Kawaii Killer. However after 5 or 6 spawns, it hasn’t dropped it… it hasn’t even dropped any heads for other classes!! It’s starting to drive me a bit nuts so I look to these forums for a kind soul to aid me in my quest to attain the head. I don’t much to trade and everything that I do have to trade is level 50 (I don’t possess the DLCs sadly) but I do have quite a few level 50 Slag Norfleets if that interests anybody. Anyway I’ll sit here with my fingers crossed that one of you kind souls bestows upon me the Kawaii killer so I can start to feel sane again has constant flashbacks of Badass varkids killing him over and over and over again…

Thank you in advance!