LF King or Queens call

might help me take down Graveward, he goes down too slow. i know it is my gear

been farming, have some trade


Have a recurring hex? I’ve been farming one for days and can’t find any of them.

I have both. I’d be willing to trade them for your annointed handsome jackhammer and either the annointed Hellshock or Flood

i might have an anointed flood, will have to check

Pretty sure I have one of them in storage. I can check and if i do I will send it to you. Is your GT xCaliburxxx?

yes, thx

I’m trying to get an anointed messy break up to suit FLAK, if you got one I got a queens call.

I have a non anointed queens call (rad I think)

what do you want for it?

I am looking for a Cryo Crossroads preferably but any element considered and also an Executor class mod. I have other gear also if you are after anything else including Moze and Flak mods.

I have a ohasecast fire and phaseslam Cryo King’s call

Choskison, sent you a friend request this morning. Have a radation Queens call. All yours if you still need one.

Yes sir, please. I am at work, but i will email youo what ever yoou need when i get home tonight.

Just let me know what your looking for, i have two posts here with photos of some gear i am trading

Thank you

GT - xCaliburxxx

At work myself so it wont be till around 8 or so when i can send it. If you have a incendiary Love Machine awesome. Or a Crossroads. Other than that i dont need anything really I just have an extra Queens call so its all yours.

thx man you rock. If i come across a Love machine it is all yours

Sent it last night. You should have it =)

i got it man, thank you so much

I have a corrosive queens call if your interested?

sure, what do you want for it?

An anointed of any of the following:
The transformer
Recurring hex