LF KING/Quing calls in all elemtns SNTL. have a range of gears to offer

As the title says im looking for king and queens calls in all elemetns with sntl.

In addition im also looking for

  • Fire/Corrisive lyudas wit hCH or 200 ASA
  • Shock, corrosive, rad, cryo anarchy x20 SNTL
  • Boom sickles in all elements in 200 asa, 150/50 or CH
    -Sandhawks in 150/50 ,200asa or CH, and SNtl ALL FULL AUTO
    -Fire and corrosive Hedgehogs x2 with CH,200 splash,
    -PLAGUEbears 150/50 all elemtns
    -Rowans and lucians call Fire,corrosive,Rad

Zane main here and I’m gonna be honest with you. From MY experience farming Tyreen for Kings and Queens Call weapons, I have yet to get a SNTNL Cryo anoint on over 50 Calls that have dropped for me. I have however gotten the crappy SNTNL Reload and Fire Rate (which is always left on the ground) multiple times but never the good SNTNL Cryo that I’m after.

I am starting to wonder if the Kings or Queens Call weapons can even drop with the SNTNL Cryo anointment but I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

The ultra rarity of the SNTNL Cryo anoint has annoyed me to the point that I dread farming ANYTHING for the SNTNL Cryo anointment and it has made me lose a BUNCH of interest in continuing playing this game.

It is starting to feel pointless to play this game due to the small 3 level jumps as hard as it is to get the weapon I’m after. I think I just may put this game to rest until final level increases are reached but that is kind of doubtful as I dont want to go through the agonizing farming sessions it would take to get my gear again at max level.

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yea i killed him as well 60 times and it hastn dropped. Im pretty sure it can though as i saw ThickfilA use the weapon with that annoint.

I really need it badly


I have a Barrier anointment if you want it …

Nah im okay lol. Lookign specifcally for Sntl annointment

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I got you bro, why don’t you just ask me directly lol I’d like the CH layudas and the 200 asa booms. You don’t have sntnl booms? Does your cryo CH boom have a sight? Sntnl sand hawks would not be bad as well as long as they are full auto/burst.


I have 3 of these.

Add me to Psn and I will send them tomorrow.