LF Kings Calls fire + shock

I only need these two but they dont have to be annointed, the only thing I am lf in them is to not have the negative damage ie. -25% damage or -29% damage I have alot to trade and will trade multiples for 1 plz reply here or message me on psn colbykente912

Still looking for these

I have the shock. Add me…

1 min let me log in

Sorry I just noticed they have the negative. But I have a fire one that is anointed with the negative.

Both of them have the negative?

What you want for them?

Any anointed Tediore pistols/SMGs?

Yeah I have legendaries that are annointed

Or are you looking for purples?

Still looking for the ones without negative damage ie -21%, -25%, and -29% mainly after shock atm but I am wanting fire also will trade multiples for 1

Still looking

Still looking for these