LF: Knife Drain Static Charge OR Knife Drain Commander Planetoid // Offer: a lot

EDIT: got it, thanks everyone

Hey I have a Knife Drain Static Charge, not ideal suffixes though. It has: 12.67% Luck, 27% Ignite Chance and 40% FFYL Duration. Let me know, cheers.

I got a Knife Drain Launch Pad with 25% Melee, dont know if you might want that.

@Hooz sure, I need that, what you want for it?

my epicname is: SmokinDice

Would you be interested in this?

i am looking at that artifact, sadly i am on ps4. :sob::sob:

@Sir_Cusfreak @IMKSMOOT no. these are not in the title :slight_smile:

hey i have a spare knife drain commander planetoid and a shock planetoid. looking to trade for a 50% mellee breaker mod or annointed Brawler Ward or Annointed Redundant Facepuncher.

I have a phaseslam melee brawler shield to trade for that knife drain planetoid :slight_smile:
just add me : SmokinDice

Hey I meant to say I have a knife drain sticky bomb and also shock commander planetoid and radiation one too both with additional 69% random element dmg. I have just added you

well as you can imagine I dont want any of those, since it is not what I am asking for :slight_smile:
the 69% random element damage is what planetoid does btw :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. Sorry for confusion. Good luck finding the relic.

Hey, added you if you still want it :slight_smile:

hey mate, dying to get one of those cool phaseslam melee brawler shield. i just wonder if you have something else you need for trade. please say yes. T_T

Hey, @Gentlemann if you’re still after a knife drain static charge, I have one