LF Knife Drain White Elephant artifact OR Breaker class mod Amara

Let me know what you’d like. I have a decent bank of stuff

I have, or at least had, a knife drain white elephant. I’ll check to see if i still have it when I get home and stuff.

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Awesome. PSN Heckron

Add me and let me know what you’re looking for. If we can make it work, I’d love it.

I’ve got a few Breaker mods. Do you have a Grave relic with regen or +weapon damage?

I don’t, sorry!

Fire Shreddifier or Fire Butcher?

Pretty sure I have a couple but not sure if fire. I’ll check when I get home in a couple hours

I don’t have that White Elephant anymore. I lilely sent it off to one of the charity/freebie shops on the forum. Mb dude. :\

No worries. Thanks anyway buddy. Good luck to you.

I have a knife drain white elephant, do you have a rough rider?

Yes. Adrenaline Rough Rider. Add me. My PSN is Heckron

What is the stats of your white elephant?