LF Knife Drain White Elephant + CoM

Hey all, I’m looking for Knife Drain White Elephant, and a better rolled Breaker CoM. I have large variety of things to trade, let me know if we can work something out.

I may have a rope-a-dope breaker for you

Also got load of gear with on ASE melee damage is increased by 100%

Out curiosity does anyone actually use 100% Melee anointed weapons if the don’t already have melee bonuses in the base stats?

I’m about to trash all mine because after 3 months nobody has ever asked for them.

Idk just figured you might want them but I do have a breaker let me check the stats

I’m not 100% sure really, I’m working on building my first Melee build. But i think people might want more focused ones like 200% Melee on phase slam instead of 100% Melee on skill end.

That’s fine r you wanting anything specific on the breaker?

I’ll need at least +1 for “Find Your Center” for skills, and as far as stats, looking for anything that will enhance Melee capabilities. Also, I think splash/AoE damage increase works for the white elephant, and shotgun damage. Pretty much whatever will synergize with face puncher and white elephant best.

Ah you may not want this 1 the it’s got kinda trashy stats thought I had another 1 but I dont remember what I did with it

i was actually looking for a redundant facepuncher with that exact anointment, 100 melee ase

you got any sntnl cryo anointed gear? got a godrolled breaker, cutpurse white elephant, phaseslam facepuncher etc

I will check right now. Need those. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I have it I’ll mail it. I’m going to clear that mule tonight probably to make room for some of the stuff in my bank.

@TheNimbusKid …Out of over 600 items, it seems I don’t have a single sntnl annointed piece of gear. :frowning: Anything else your looking for, lots of ASE weapons w/ annoints, grenade mods/shields w/ annoints, lots of CoMs too, 20+ of the new seein’ dead one. Lots of random artifacts as well.

I have some 200 melee gear and the shield. Also have the 300 slam face puncher.

What’re you looking for, for them?

Looking for a corrosive /shock recursion 250 phase cast… Or Scoville, embers with same anointment.

Add me lon_wolf917

got any seein dead coms with weapon dmg? rico shields with bonus elemental dmg, its piss grenades that have 25% weapon dmg after being thrown, hex nades with bonus elemental dmg, any dlc gear thats ASE? I’ll accept all of those. also i’ll take rakk anointed gear/stackbot coms as well

I have most of that, send a friend request and I’ll send some screen shots. PSN: Silentfuror1