LF knife drain white elephant relic

LF knife drain white elephant relic and brawler shield.

I got spare brawler shield I can message you, it’s not anointed though. What’s your GT I’ll send after work.

Hi thanks that would be great thank you. My gamertag is llIIREAPERIIll

I’ll be on in like 10 hours so I’ll send then:)

Are those capital i or lower case L?

Two lower case L then two capital i then REAPER then two capital i then two lower case L
Thanks again really nice of you

Easy done I added on xbox through app so I can find you tonight.

I got an Elemental Proj White Ele which is kinda just better coupled with Superfan if you’re interested I’m looking for Shockerater COM, Atto Idol Deathless, Irradiatory Tran Fusion, and Ice Spiker Victory Rush

I have an Anointed BeastMaster Brawler Ward.

Thanks again for the shield

No problem I had a spare and I’ll never use them,
I like messy break up