LF Knife drain white elephant / Stinger Shield

Hi guys!

Trying to build my lvl65 Fl4K i have no gear so it’s hard to farm fast ATM.

If anyone can help me get this artifact : Knife drain white elephant maybe with CD.

Also looking for the Stinger shield with action skill start activate

And a good FacePuncher for Fl4k

Thanks alot , I can trade a 57 fish slap with grenade dmg annointed.

PSN : JBenQc

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Hey man

I have a stinger shield with the action skill start anoint for you

I also have a few white elephants but none with knife drain i believe

PSN: KingsEffect

Have a couple of these including the facepuncher, of urad unforgiven and a mitosis hunter seeker ase.

I got a couple knife white elephants. Got any urad stuff?

sorry for the delay !! I will add you today on Psn

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Nice ! I dont have alot to trade atm … want the fish slap for some Fl4k stuff? Thanks

Lemme know ur psn if you can help me a bit with some Fl4k gear . :slight_smile:

sorry not at the moment but if I get some I could mail you.

Iam still looking for good melee Fl4k stuff if anyone could help…

Facepuncher 300/90
knife drain white elephant with cd
stinger shield

ect …

Thanks alot for the help guys can’t wait to try this build soon :slight_smile:

I have a good Fish slap lvl57 with grenade dmg annointed if you guys need.