[LF] Knife Drain White Elephant

Have many legendaries including Amara & Moze legendary class mods.

Please feel free to ask for what you may want in return for the items I’m looking for.


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I have a 300% Melee Ward somewhere…lol. Any chance you have an Atom bomb deathless or a Red Suit shield. If not I’ll find it and send it to ya.

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Unfortunately I do not. I did have a level 35 red suit, but got rid of it a while ago. I’m sorry. But if you’re able to find the Brawler Ward…I’d greatly appreciate it.

My PSN is J0E_SK0

Those are zero’s in my name.

I have a Red Suit. Do I already have your psn?
I kinda feel like I do. >_>

Is that you, Pike? Lol

I’ll go have a look for the Brawler.
Ya it was me. I got the Red Suit as you know.

Thank you for checking… I’d be very grateful.

Found it. It’s a shock with the 300% melee.
I’ll add and send.

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Anything else ya need. Should have kept an Elephant. Tossed a few.

Thank you very much! Been farming forever and still no luck in finding one. Only other thing I’m looking for atm is a Face Puncher. But if you don’t have one it’s fine… I’m more then happy with the Brawler Ward :+1:

I do have a couple face Punchers. What character are you playing? If you come across an elemental Helix rifle I could use one.

I’m playing a full melee build Amara, if you can spare one that’s be awesome. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for an elemental helix for you.

Cool… I stashed a purple maliwan Sniper rifle that might look good with that build. Annointed Siren with 80% melee and damage after end of AS.

I’ll find it and send it to ya. Give it a try. Not a huge Maliwan fan but it might be good on a melee build.

I appreciate that but it’s not necessary my friend. I don’t really carry sniper rifles and I think I’ve had a few that I sold too heh. Also big thank you for the Face Puncher!

@bigrfish what’s your psn? i have a decaying star irradiated helix if you want it? i

Sure. That would be cool
PSN : PIKE2564

You are welcome.

you should have got that now, let me know when its come through my first time using the mail system

Got it! Thank you. Enjoy the Pistol.

I’ll keep my eye on good Melee weapons.