LF Kyb’s Worth (pref. Fire)

I’ll trade a Level 1 stop-gap for a Kyb’s Worth. I also have a Juliet’s Dazzle (Anointed Gunner infinite ammo ASE) and a level 2 infinity pistol if people are looking for it. I would prefer fire as I’m trying to do a build with the new class mod for Moze!

Do you have a corrosive butcher with gunner or corrosive annointments

Also shock purple tediore shotguns with homing mirv attachments?

Even if you dont add me REdrUm0351

I will have what you want specifically shock/fire and then we will work something else out.

I have a corrosive Butcher but no anointments unfortunately. And I have a shock homing MIRV Tediore. I forgot to delete this thread, I’m actually not looking for the Kyb’s Worth anymore, just a Raging Bear class mod for Moze with gun/shotgun/splash/grenade damage. Some combination of that, doesn’t have to be all three, can be 2 of the 3 stats that would roll it.

I’m sorry I do not have that mod.

https://i.imgur.com/PKlcEV1.jpg Interested in this one? I am looking for New Anointed Weapons and Recurring Hexes (Shock / Rad) with New Anointments.