LF: Kyb's with 160% anoint, Juliet's Dazzle (preferably cryo) with same anoint

Getting curious about a Blast Master Moze so I might try it out and I would like these two weapons to do so. Have plenty of stuff on Fl4k/Amara/Zane, feel free to ask what you’d like in return !

Check your in game mail

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Bump, still looking for a Juliet’s Dazzle :smiley:

I got one with the anointment just not cyro

I would love it. Would you like something in return ? Is there something you’re looking for ?

I got a couple of things I’m looking for. Multivitamin band of stiroak with action skill cooldown for gunner. Sledges shotgun gamma burst. Good moze gear

Got a god roll Blast master with weapon damage/smg damage/nade damage, Cloning Maddening Tracker with 25% on throw, Kyb’s with Iron Bear splash bonus. Dunno if it could be any help to you

You have anything for flak

Plenty of gamma burst/Rakk Weapons/100% ASE weapons (Bekah, King’s Call, Queen’s Call, Maggie, Brainstormer, Dictator, Kyb’s), all class mods with good/god rolls.

Ill add you my man you got any good nukems or rerouter sheilds psn FallenDark200

Sadly no, but if you want something for Fl4k/Zane/Amara I can help.

PSN: EzioILMentore