LF Kybs worh plus the following

Looking for bouncy cluster f**k tracker. Anoit would be great
Cloning maddening tracker
Kybs worth anoited splash 125% ASE
Juliets dazzle splash 125% ASE
Big Boom blaster anoit (enhanced would be great)
Anoited Stop Gap or Back Ham
Last stand otto idol (grenade dam, mag size and AOE) would be great

Have things Anoited and Moze and Flak specific gear that I can trade

Also a blast master with redistribution and perks for grenade and weapon dam please

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What good rakk attack gear do you have?

I have all the things you have listed I need a quickie anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear

Shock cutsmen 100% dam after rakk
Night hawkin same anoit
DP laser sploder shock same anoit
Kill o the wisp same anoit
Roisens thrones with extra charge
And Rak pak classes

Sorry, dont have any.
I think I gave mine a way a few weeks ago

I already have those and I don’t need any Moze gear so what do you have anointed?

Too much to rattle off. Is there a particular weapons, anoitments or gear that you’re after besides the class mod?

anointments 100% or higher dmg ase or splash dmg ase. looking for x6 dictators, x2 ogres, x2 boomers, mirv tacular hex grenade cryo

I have a cutsmen ASE 125% to named enemies
Shredifier ASE125% named
Gunerang ASE100% dam
Faisor ASE 100% Dam
Lyuda 100% dam ASE
Woodblocker ASE 125% to named
Lucians call ASE 100% dam
Cross road 100% dam ASE
Recurring Hex Cyro anoited
Also have 3 dictators but no anoit

@Ice-T I have a times two boomer with ase 100%

does the crossroad have any element? I’m interested in that and the recurring hex cryo

Crossroads is corrosive

works for me, my psn is Ice-T411


thank you