LF Kybs Worth 100% damage on ASE

I am want one with corrosive/shock and also one that is radiation/cryo but let me know what elements you have I may trade anyways have tons of gear new and old just reply here or msg me on psn colbykente912

Still need

I have a Rad/Cryo Kyb’s w/ 125% splash damage anoint.

I’m looking for any of these:
Recharger w/ Corrosive ASE (Cryo also works).
Cryo Hex w/ Shock ASE
Shock Hex w/ Fire ASE


hello, i have 50% corro/cryo re-charger to trade

do you have one of those :

shock rowan 100% dmg ase
headsplosion 100% dmg ase or 50% cryo ase
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

(also looking for specific ice breaker and last stand otto idol)

I dont really want the splash damage I need 100% damage on ASE

I have kyb’s worth fire and shock 100% ASE
If you have Stop gap with extra 50% any elemental damage after ASE

I have to double check but I may have that stop gap you’re after.

I dont have any stop gaps anything else you would want?

Out of curiosity, is the damage calculation different? Or just a preference :joy: I thought they were calculated similarly.

@gael.pellan sorry, I don’t have any of those :confused:

Still looking for radiation/cryo kybs with 100% damage on ASE

Will trade several items for 1