LF Kyb's Worth any elements

Looking for Kyb’s Worths in any element for my Splash Moze build. I have some great Cutsman’s and LaserSploders and if looking for a particular item i will put in my own farming time to get something for you as long as it’s not a M4 only item(working on getting M4 ready). Drae_gon is my ingame tag.

I’ve got this one. If you’re down, I’m looking for anything in the list below (I removed the M4 stuff). If you like, add me and reply here, and I’ll mail it over (in a bit - I’m feeding Wotan some crow at the moment).

Pull Out Method
Creeping Death
Chupa’s Organ
Messy Breakup
Hot Drop
Night Flyer
Shooting Star
Burning Summit

I can def farm some for ya. I am interested in weap. Let me get a few items for ya. Any certain class on annointments?

It’s complicated, and I’m not picky - any level 50 specimen is fine.

I’m playing the Blacksite game at the moment, so it’ll be a little bit:
Step out of cover.
Take one shot.
Get healthgated.
Return to cover.
Wait for health and shields to recover.
Rinse and repeat.
I’m averaging like an hour per run here. :laughing:

What Mayhem level you playing on?

None (frankly just trying to get through so I can clear my standing mission list). If this takes too long, I’ll try it in Normal mode. I’m not using a meta build nor high-end anointed gear here.

Gimme a min to farm something for ya and i’ll see if i can get you through a M2 run. I can clear that solo at least lol. Just a PITA to do.

I’ll take you up on that… just died again. Let me get that thing in the mail.

edit - what’s your Epic handle?

I got an extra one for ya, add me: Margoraider