LF kybs worth, bekah, brainstormer, Maggie

LF kybs worth preferably x3 incendiary. Annointed with 125% splash damage on ase. Kybs worth x3 preferably radiation annointed with 65% while gamma burst is active. Kybs worth x3 annointed for either while barrier or sntl is active do bonus x damage. Also looking for the bekah, brainstormer and Maggie with these annointments as well. I have a decent amount of things to trade so hit me up if ya got anything

I have the gamma kybs not rad though and the gamma maggie

I have tons of gamma stuff

Any thing specific your looking for

U have any rakk stuff???

I have ase 100% Maggie which is pretty close. I have after rakk attack 100% brainstormer. I have a incendiary lucians call with the rakk attack 100%, I believe I have a Shreddifier as well as others that I can’t recall off the top of my head

JosepMichael 91 is my gamertag


FYI gt is Ye olde wolf