LF - Kyb's Worth (details inside)


I’m looking for a Kyb’s Worth with the following…
*large mag
*ASE 100% damage or elemental damage (not picky)
*ideally shock as one of the 2 options

I have an assortment of anointed gear from all 4 characters. Specifically…
*Rakk Attack Fl4k
*Phasecast Amara
*Redistributors w/ STNL cryo
*Hex w/ 50% elemental damage on ASE
*and others.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Could you be more specific about your rakk attack gear? Oh and its corrosive/ shock

Yo. I have the following, all with “enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100% more damage”…

*Shock Rowan’s Call
*X2 Ion Cannon
*Fire Dictator
*Fire Laser-Sploder
*Fire Linoge
*Night Hawkin
*Fire Cutsman
*Shocking AAA
*Corrosive Cutsman
*The Companion

my psn is Ice-T411

Hi - is there anything else you’re looking for? Would really like to trade for the brainstormer and/or night hawkin that you have!

Not at the moment. Sorry.

I’ve got a shock/fire Kyb’s with ASE 100% anoint. What element Redistributors do u have?

Hey @Xarvet, I have all element Redistributors for Zane with 50% cryo whilst SNTNL active and a corrosive one with 100% damage on ASE to trade for the Kyb’s?