LF Kybs Worth Fire and Corrosive and 100% on ASE, Band of Sitorak with 50% Fire on ASE, Rough Rider with 50% Fire on ASE and a Stop Gap with 50% fire on ASE

Got a lot of Stuff to trade let me know what your looking for.

I have a fire/corrosive, but with the 300% phaseslam anoint, and another unanointed Fire/corrosive one (I use this one on takedown runs). Not exactly what you are looking for, but throwing them out there

Nah got same versions mate
But thanks !

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I have a Stop Gap with 50% corrosive on ASE or are you looking for fire on

Looking for a fire one need to pair it with my recurring Hex with 50% corrosive.

No worries, I’m interested in that Hex though, what element is it?

Rad with 50% Corrosive

Also got a Kryo with 50% Rad

I have the Rad with Cryo but I’d like to trade for the Rad with Corrosive.

Have Cryo recuring Hex with 25% weapon, nade and AS for 6 secs, a few other Hex’s
and nades with new the 50% anoint. Transformers with all elements on ASE and so

Do you have a Band of Sytorak with 50% fire on ASE
Or Nova Berner, Frozen Heart, Black hole, Ward or Rough Rider with 50% Fire on ASE ?


Well that’s bad
Kryo Hex with 50% corrosive ?


What’s your PSN ?
No worries

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