Lf kybs worth fire shock corrosive gunner anointed

Lf kybs worth for my moze build willing to trade any and all help would be appreciated need 3 main elements fire shock and corrosive

I have a lvl 50 with splash anoint if your interested.

That would work perfect ty

Can you add me on Xbox gt is Ye olde wolf, and shoot me a msg letting me know what your looking for

Ok I sent u a message

I will send once I’m done work bud

Ok think you

I didn’t notice that you were looking for shock and fire. Mines fire and corrosive if that’s cool

Yep that’s cool

Lol sorry bud I was looking at the wrong one. The one with 160 splashdown 18 sec is shock and rad. The other is splash dmg up for a short period

No so much worried about the anointment as I need the gun to complete my build

Alrighty I will send you a few other different anoints and elements

Thanks bro