Lf Kybs Worth good roll, new class mods to trade - Seein' Dead - Golden Rule

If anyone has a solid Kybs Worth that you’d be interested in trading, or an 'Its Piss) Grenade. I just picked up a few new Class Mods From the new DLC,

Golden Rule (Amara)

+30% Grenade Damage
+5 Grenade
+20% reload Speed

Golden Rule (Amara)
+31% Shotgun Damage
+32% Atlas Weapon Fire Rate
+54% Weapon Charge Speed

Seein’ Dead (Zane)

+50% Jakobs Weapon Accuracy
+50% Maliwan Weapon Accuracy
+31% Sniper Rifle Damage

Rowdy Unsporting Seein’ Dead
-18% Damage Reduction
+50% CoV Weapon Accuracy
+50% Tediore Weapon Accuracy

I would trade an it’s piss for that shotgun dmg Golden rule

Hey Talon, by chance does that Grenade have any elemental damage with it? Or Anointed by chance? Level 50? Thanks , appreciate it.

I have three. Shock and fire ase and grenade thrown

Honestly it’s piss is overpowered. I tested it with my wife, and all players are buffed by it’s piss. We have not tested to see if this effect stacks yet

Hey Talon, I’d be interested in the On Grenade thrown perk one from ya, holler whenever,



I will. I am at work right now. I will add you now, but send the grenade tonight.

Sounds good ! Much appreciated! Holler at me later when ya jump on!

Only Class Mod left is the

Golden Rule (Amara)

+30% Grenade Damage
+5 Grenade
+20% reload Speed

Thanks everyone