[LF] Kyb's worth - [H] Moonfire/Good juju Anoited and other GG gear, Take a look

Have a lot of items, take a look:

New ones:
Moonfire - 100% ASE

Good Juju - Fire 100% ASE

Epicenter - 50% extra fire dmg on Throw

Transformer - Ammo regen on terror

Bunch of E-tech like: carbuncle anoited, Lump x2 extra proj on terror, Protuberance anoited

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Is your lump corrosive?

What does the Moonfire look like?
Ahhh edit

The x2 Extra proj anoited yes, but i have non anoited ones x2 as well of every other element too

What would you want for the corrosive one? Is it purple or blue?

I’m looking for a Kyb’s worth, or Transformer with minus dmg taken while terror

I might have the transformer. I know I have one with ammo regen on terror and frost hex with damage reduction in terror. Do you have a flesh melter idol with plus heavy damage by chance?

I don’t have the idol unfortunately, let me know if you got the transformer, i might take the hex with dmg reduction + a transformer on terror after ase, if you have it for the LUMP

Yeah I wouldn’t do both for the blue. I could do the hex but the only terror transformer I have I use for tedior build.

oh ok i see, thank’s for the offer then, gl mate

I just got a shock and fire kybs with extra damage and reload on kill if you want to do that for that lump and a shock one?

Can I please see a pic of the Moonfire?

I got Kyb’s worth. I want to trade with ur x2 element anointed Lump if u have interest.
or Plz let me know if u have interest in anything in here.

I have a Transformer with Terror Damage Reduction. What does the Moonfire look like?

Is protuberance purple or blue?